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Types Of Modern Televisions and Television Buying Guide

[easyazon-block asin="B004M8SBCK" align="right"]These day there are more options available when it comes to televisions than any other time. The old school, large CRT screens are already eliminated to make way for the modern, flat screen televisions. And what a huge difference in picture quality there is with the brand new contemporary sets.

Even though the majority of flat screen Televisions are going to be hi-def, all of them will use several different technologies which includes LCD, LED, Plasma and 3D television models, learn more at how 3D tv works. And for many people deciding which one to get is tough simply because it is crucial to first recognize the functions and benefits of all these. This guide will explain the main features and attributes of all these different tv sets, and in addition go through every single spec you need to be aware of before you make the choice of which model of  which TV to purchase. You might also want to check out Blu Ray Home Theater System Reviews.


HDTV Types Of Television
HDTV stands for high definition television. The old CRT models featured a standard definition picture, and the picture quality was decent, yet it was by no means as sharp as possible. HDTV supplies twice the resolution versus the standard types, significantly crisper images and a  lot more detail. And, the larger the HD television screen, the more pleasant the viewing experience. HD ready types of television models will display high definition pictures sent via Blu Ray players and 3D Blu Ray players and also HD television broadcasts. And, while quite a few television shows and channels are not yet broadcast in high def format, the standard picture is much better also on the HD television types of models. Most flat screen television models made available nowadays include some form of Hi-def technology, the main differences are found in the style of screen the individual televisions use, particularly, LCD, LED and Plasma and the units that include 3D capabilities.

LCD Types Of Televisions
LCD TVs are available in a large variety of sizes, from 12" to up to 65". There are also many brands and models to choose from as well, all with their own features.

Pros For LCD Models Of Televisions

  • [easyazon-block asin="B004OOQ8CW" align="right"]LCD models use less power than others, like plasma
  • Excellent for viewing in brighter rooms when using a matte screen
  • Have a long life of sixteen to thirty two years when being used about six hours per day

The Cons For LCD Models

  • LCD models lack in viewing angels, plasma is much better
  • Poorer picture quality uniformity, which is the picture quality across the full area of the screen
  • Not the best picture in darker rooms

Top LCD TV Sets

Average Rating:
total customer reviews...

Average Rating:
total customer reviews...

Average Rating:
total customer reviews...

Average Rating:
total customer reviews...

LED Types Of Televisions
[easyazon-block asin="B0036WT4C4" align="right"]The LED types of televisions are also offered in various screen sizes, from very small to very large, and in many different brands. Basically the LED models of televisions are the same as LCD but they feature the backlight, that makes the picture better.

Pros Of LED

  • LED is energy efficient
  • LED offers a very thin design of the TV unit
  • Has a lifespan of about 16 to 32 years based on the use of 6 hours a day.

Cons Of LED

  • Cost more than other television types
  • The extra cost does not really bring a better picture quality

Top LED TV Sets As Rated By Customer Reviews

Average Rating:
total customer reviews...

Average Rating:
total customer reviews...

Average Rating:
total customer reviews...

Plasma Types Of Televisions
Plasma screens are built by LG, Samsung and also Panasonic and customarily can be found in screen sizes of 43" and above.

Pros Of Plasma TV

  • They look really good in dark rooms
  • Offer better viewing angels overall versus LCD and LED models
  • Good image uniformity across the screen
  • Lifespan is generally the same as LCD and LED

The Main Cons For Plasma Types of Televisions

  • Plasma screens reflect light so they are not best viewed in brightly lit rooms
  • Can easily encounter image burn any time one particular still image is paused on the plasma screen for extended durations
  • Plasma uses a lot of energy, so they are not electric bill friendly

Top Plasma Models Of TV As Rated By Users

Average Rating:
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Average Rating:
total customer reviews...

3D Televisions

What is 3D
3D literally brings television to life by making the images seem as if they are jumping off the screen and into your room. 3D movies have been showing in the movie theaters with the use of special glasses and have become more popular in the recent years, and now the major television brands offer 3D tv models. Because 3D requires a special technology they cost more than the regular flat screen models and the needed 3D special glasses are usually sold separately and so incur more costs.

Pros Of 3D TV Models

  • 3D is very cool and adds another extraordinary element to the overall home entertainment experience that is offered to people today
  • A number of 3D television models can easily convert 2D to 3D supplying you with a larger array of 3D content.

[easyazon-block asin="B004U5T2OG" align="right"]Cons Of 3D Televisions

  • The 3D technology is more expensive
  • An individual will need to purchase glasses separately, which means even more money needs to be spent to enjoy this technology
  • Current lack of selection in 3D movies
  • 2D to 3D conversion can deliver poor results


Screen Size and Screen Type

The good thing about most modern television sets is that they are flat and so you no longer need to worry about needing so much space. Screen size is important and the type as described above.

Choose a screen size based on your room size

  • 40" plus is great for a main tv, such as for family and living rooms.

  • Screens around 32" are better for bedrooms.

Try not to buy too small of a screen, while they may sem great at first, nost people regeret not buying a larger one once they are used to it.

You also need to make sure you can sit far enough away to get the best viewing experience. You want to have at least 1.5 times the distance of the diagonal screen measurement.  Also, keep i mind that bigger screens will use more electricity and dominate the entire room.

Prices of Televisions

The prices of flat screen TVs vary greatly depending on the technology that each individual model uses, 3D models for example will cost more along with any extra features like WiFi built in, but normally the prices depend on screen size.

Screen Resolution

Most all HDTV models have a 1080p resolution, but there are still 720p models. Most people will not notice the difference especially with smaller screens, picture quality is more important.

Screen Finishes For Televisions

There are two main types of screen finish

  • Matte - The main benefit of matte screens is that they do not reflect light and so are perfect for a brightly lit room
  • Glossy - The glossy screens are much more prone to reflection and this makes it difficult to view the tv in a brightly lit room. Sometimes turning the model away from the light works well and also using drapes to cover the light source. The glossy models are prevalent with HDTV models than matte.

[easyazon-block asin="B004MKNQGY" align="none"]

Aspect Ratio Options

The aspect ratio measurement measures the proportion of the width to the height of the television screen. The modern models of televisions come with an aspect ratio of 16:9, while older ones have a rating of 4:3.

Contrast Ratio Ratings When Buying Television Sets

The contrast ratio measures the difference of the brightest color the TV can display  and the darkest. Higher contrast will provide for darker and deeper blacks and also lighter whites. Higher ratings will also indicate a good range of colors in between.  Having said that, it is best to take contrast ratio values with a grain of salt because there is no 100% accurate way to measure it and so many times manufacturers will skew the readings. Plasma models of television normally have a higher contrast ratio, but as with lots of other features, the gap has become very narrow and not very noticeable.

Picture Controls

The majority of flat screen TVs will require a bit of adjustment to get the picture as you want it. For this reason it's important to find TVs that come with picture controls. Many models have several presets, such as Cinema View, Energy Efficient, etc.. to choose from.

Refresh Rate Ratings

The refresh rate measures the pixels refreshing to show moving images on a screen. The number given in TV specifications is measured in speed., such as 0Hz that indicates the pixels refresh 60 times per second.  The best refresh rate is 60Gh or more.

Viewing Angles For Television Sets

The viewing angle is how far to the side you can sit and still get a good picture. While most will look great viewing straight on, side views can be problematic. Plasma screens usually have a better viewing angle than LCD/ LED screens because of how they are built. Some brands claim a viewing angle of up to 180 degrees, but it is not likely that a picture will be great at the full 180 degrees. Most will not notice a difference between LCD and plasma screens, especially when watching plasma in bright light. Most models of televisions can a viewing angle of 160 degrees or more.

Response Time

The response time measures the amount of time it takes for the pixels on the television to change from black to white and back again when the image changes, the ratings are given in milliseconds and the smaller that number the faster quicker the response time. In real terms, this dictates just how the TV will display moving images. A shorter response time will mean less of a blur for moving images.

Internet Connection Options When Buying Televisions

Most all modern flat screens have Internet connectivity options. This is great for streaming media from websites and online video services, such as Hulu and Netflix and social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Internet Connection With Televisions

  • Via a W-Fi adapter that is sold separately, these are WiFi ready models
  • Via a built in Wi-Fi receiver

  • Via Ethernet cable

Learn more at WiFi Ready VS WiFi Built Blu Ray Players (same applies to televisions)

Multimedia Options For Modern TV Sets

Television sets are not intended anymore for just watching movies and different shows. They can display digital photos, videos, and even play your music. They also feature USB ports and memory card slots for connecting to digital cameras and camcorders. And, some models have the ability to stream content from various other devices to the TV, like iPods and tablet computers.

Inputs And Connections

Modern television sets come with various input options.

  • HDMI: This is the most common and most important HD connection and used for game consoles, DVD players and cable boxes for HD television cable subscribers.

  • Scart: This is another commonly used connection for various for accessories.

  • Composite/Component/ RCA inputs: These are older connection options and so be sure you need them for any equipment you might use them for.

Remote Control Considerations

The remote control can be an important part of the television. Those that can control other devices, like Blu Ray players and cable boxes are important. And for televisions that use Internet Apps a full keyboard on the remote is important. Lighted remotes make life much easier as well.

Energy Efficiency

Despite the fact that most contemporary HDTVs will include an Energy Star rating, this really has not much meaning because all new tv's are worthy of such rating. But, there are a couple things to consider. Some models will include their own energy-saving options that you can look into. And, the fact that plasma televisions typically employ twice as much electricity versus the LCD and LED models.

Warranty Of Televisions Sets

Most new electronics with a manufacturer warranty, check the details for that. As far as the extended warranties sold by stores these are usually useless as most studies have shown that HDTVs don’t break down during the extended warranty time frame and the extended warranties tend to be costly and generally a waste of money.


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The Perks of Blu Ray and Blu Ray Players
Picture Quality
Superior high def resolution is a huge element of the reason why Blu Ray movies look excellent. This means you'll see a much more detailed picture: much more clearly defined features of people faces, colors of nature, close ups of wrinkles, facial imperfections, etc. The technological distinction is that Blu Ray's maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 (1080p), while DVD is restricted to 720 x 480 (480p). Further than image resolution, Blu Ray additionally employs much better video-compression methods, producing much more contrast as well as better colors. It truly is the best quality of video you can get inb the market today, with a comparable, if note better than picture that you get at the movies, when the Blu Ray player is used in conjunction with an HDTV.

Audio Quality
Audio quality is also much better. New high-resolution soundtrack formats, such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, are basically the same as the studio master, consequently you will be hearing sounds just as the director and audio editors designed.

Special Features
Blu Ray also has extra unique functions that DVD never did. The most basic innovation is the pop-up menu, allowing one to access the menu features as the movie keeps playing. Also, there is BD-Live, picture-in-picture video commentary, Internet connectivity, including models with built-in Wifi for streaming movies, videos, tv shows and all kinds of media from the Web.

Main Blu Ray Features
While most basic features of Blu Ray Players are the same, there are some specific things to consider when buying a player, especially, Internet connectivity options.

Player Options for Connecting to Internet
There are several options, depending on the player model and brand, for linking up your smart Blu-ray player to the Internet

  • A wired connection using Ethernet cable
  • Built-In Wifi Connection on the Player
  • A wireless connection using a compatible wireless adapter
  • A connection using power line Ethernet adapters
WiFi Built In - Smart Blu Ray Players - Connect to Internet and stream movies, music, TV shows and more with WiFi built in.
WiFi Ready - Means the Wifi is not built in and you will need an adapter of some sort to connect.
BD-Live is a Blu-ray feature that enables you to access content, features and activities via your smart Blu-ray player. On some movies you'll be able to download a variety of up-to-date content (for example, refreshed previews and exclusive special features). There are also a host of next generation possibilities, such as ringtone/wallpaper downloads, peer-to-peer interactions, live events and gaming activities. For example, on the Blu Ray version of Julie & Julia with BD-Live, you can bookmark Julia Child's actual recipes while you watch the movie. At the end of the film, you can e-mail yourself the recipes, pretty cool!
Bonus View
The Bonus View and lets you play back picture-in-picture content, which allows for a second video and audio stream.

Playing DVD's
The transition from DVD to Blu Ray is an easy one since all Blu Ray players play standard DVD discs. Actually, each and every Blu Ray player is also an upconverting DVD player.

Buying Cheap Blu Ray Players

There are some great ways to save money on Blu Ray players and that is by avoiding retail stores and shopping online. Cheap Blu ray players are plentiful and can really be a great alternative to spending too much at the stores. Some of the top brands of Blu Ray players can cost you as much $300, with brands like LG, Sony, Samsung and other industry leaders invemting bigger and better models regularly causing retail prices to skyrocket. Stop wasting your money and buy cheap Blu Ray players here, always bid and buy with confidence, with buyer feedback and ratings for sellers.

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